Lazy loading images using AngularJS

The Problem

In one of my projects (using AngularJS) I needed some sort of image lazy load because a page was heavy on photos. However, I didn't want to bother users with loading of images they won't see (because the page was optimized for mobile devices primary using 3G connections).

The naive solution

First I tried to write a really naive solution for this kind of problem. It was easy, just create a directive that will listen to document scroll and resize events and if an image is in the viewport load it.

Demo page

The problem is that we are polluting the document and the window with event listeners (it can cause performance problems on low-performance devices). Another problem is that there is no scroll/resize stop event, so the scroll/resize listener is fired continuosly until you stop resizing/scrolling.

The better but not the best solution

There are multiple ways how to solve this efficiently. Here is one of simplest ones.

In this solution I am using service which acts as a registry for listeners and invokes all listeners when the scroll/resize event is fired. To invoke registered listeners only once we are simulating the "scroll/resize stop" event using the timeout so listeners are called when user stops scrolling/resizing the window.

Demo page

Of course there are much better and efficient ways to solve this (e.g. you can pre-calculate an elementOffset, use the scrollTop/scrollLeft with the clientHeight/clientWidth to determine a visibility and register only positions to the listener service). Maybe I will write one in a future post. :)

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